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Fortinet Online Help :-) 1.0 Check the basic settings and firewall states Check the system status Check the hardware performance Check the Hh Availability state Check the session table of the firewall 2.0 Check the interface settings Check the state, speed and duplexity an IP of the interfaces Check the ARP Table 3.0 Check the Routing Table Check the matching route 4.0 VPN Troubleshooting Change the tunnel state Check the tunnel state Check packet counters for the tunnel 5.0 sniffertrace 6.0 View logging on cli Confure logging Viewing the logs 7.0 Backup and Restore 8.0 Other troubleshooting commands (advices from the visitors) to see the actual software version, operational mode, HA, etc and the system time: Virus-DB: 14.00000(2011-08-24 ) Extended DB: 14.00000(2011-08-24 ) IPS-DB: 3.00150(2012-02-15 ) Forti Client application snature package: 1.529(2012-10-09 ) Serial-Number: FGT50B1234567890 BIOS version: 04000010 Log hard disk: Not available Hostname: myfirewall1 getting traffic statistics... Online Help Welcome Fortinet's Online Help site. FortiOS 5.4 online help. FortiOS 5.2 online help. Fortinet Document Library.

Fortate 80c Manual - rosscompgagsi.files. Browsing: 544083 packets, 80679942 bytes DNS: 19333 packets, 2400831 bytes E-Mail: 52 packets, 3132 bytes FTP: 0 packets, 0 bytes Gaming: 0 packets, 0 bytes IM: 0 packets, 0 bytes Newss: 0 packets, 0 bytes P2P: 0 packets, 0 bytes Streaming: 0 packets, 0 bytes TFTP: 0 packets, 0 bytes Vo IP: 0 packets, 0 bytes Generic TCP: 13460 packets, 1301879 bytes Generic UDP: 7056 packets, 647156 bytes Generic ICMP: 172 packets, 11804 bytes Generic IP: 26 packets, 832 bytes Average network usage: 1 kbps in 1 minute, 0 kbps in 10 minutes, 0 kbps in 30 minutes Average sessions: 0 sessions in 1 minute, 0 sessions in 10 minutes, 0 sessions in 30 minutes Average session setup rate: 0 sessions per second in last 1 minute, 0 sessions per second in last 10 minutes, 0 sessions per second in last 30 minutes Virus caught: 0 total in 1 minute IPS attacks blocked: 0 total in 1 minute Run Time: 24 days, 11 hours and 26 minutes 0U, 0S, 100I; 249T, 119F, 60KF init XXXXXXXXXXX 1 S 0.0 4.5 cmdbsvr 23 S 0.0 6.8 zebos_launcher 27 S 0.0 4.7 uploadd 28 S 0.0 4.6 mlogd 29 S 0.0 5.9 mlogd 30 S 0.0 4.6 httpsd 31 S 0.0 7.0 nsm 32 S 0.0 1.1 ripd 33 S 0.0 0.9 ripngd 34 S 0.0 0.9 ospfd 35 S 0.0 0.9 proxyd 36 S 0.0 4.6 wad_diskd 37 S 0.0 4.6 scanunitd 38 S set route-ttl 10 set route-wait 0 set route-hold 10 set sync-conf enable set encryption disable set authentication disable set hb-interval 2 set hb-lost-threshold 6 set helo-holddown 20 set arps 5 set arps-interval 8 HA information Statistics traffic.local = s:2096712 p:2541238162 b:1972123729708 = s:9497465 p:2541238496 b:1972123977459 = c:0 q:0 Model=311, Mode=2 =0 Debug=0 nvcluster=1, ses_pickup=1 HA member information: is_manage_master=1. HA information Statistics traffic.local = s:286117 p:7759897825 b:3064522035872 = s:205341071 p:7759897825 b:3064522035872 = c:0 q:0 Model=300, Mode=2 =0 Debug=0 nvcluster=1, ses_pickup=1 HA member information: is_manage_master=1. firewall error stat: error1=00000000 error2=00000000 error3=00000000 error4=00000000 tt=00000000 cont=00000000 ids_recv=00000000 url_recv=00000000 av_recv=00000000 fqdn_count=00000000 tcp reset stat: syncqf=0 acceptqf=0 no-listener=11025 data=0 ses=0 ips=0 Check the sessions The following list has only one session, that may be a DNS request from to dns server .53. Fortate 80c Manual Fortate Cookbook. Recipes for success with your Fortate. Cookbook Anniversary Poll Sep 14, 2015 - 0 pages - 0 views, The Fortinet Cookbook.

FORTINET FORTATE-50B MANUAL - Retrevo Do not use this command on live system with many traffic, it lists all sessions and that has no sence. Free download of Fortinet Fortate Fortate-50B User Manual. Troubleshooting help from experts and users. Ask our large community for support.

Fortate CLI Reference Guide - tw Session info: proto=17 proto_state=01 duration=2214 expire=123 timeout=0 flags=00000000 sockflag=00000000 sockport=0 av_idx=0 use=3 orin-shaper= reply-shaper= per_ip_shaper= ha_id=0 hakey=28310 policy_dir=0 tunnel=/ state=local statistic(bytes/packets/allow_err): org=5095/76/1 reply=8757/75/1 tuples=2 orgin-myfirewall1 # get system interface physical == [onboard] ==[internal] mode: static ip: ipv6: ::/0 status: up speed: 100Mbps (Duplex: full) ==[wan1] mode: static ip: ipv6: ::/0 status: up speed: 100Mbps (Duplex: full) ==[wan2] mode: static ip: ipv6: ::/0 status: down speed: n/a ==[modem] mode: pppoe ip: ipv6: ::/0 status: down speed: n/a Check the MAC and the state of the interfaces. Fortate CLI Reference Guide. manual, optical or otherwise, for any purpose. • Fortate CLI Reference Guide • Fortate System and Firewall Guide

The name of the interface in the example below is internal.

Fortate-50B Install Guide - With my requirements for any networking layer 3 device I collected the basic commands that we have to know or you will not be able to manage your fortate. Fortate-50A/50B and Fortate-100 Install Guide Version 3.0MR3 01 November 2006. electronic, mechanical, manual, optical or otherwise, for any purpose,

FORTATE 50B MANUAL PDF-F5M-5WWOM-3 Okay, okay this is a bullshit, I just update this page since it is the number one post on my site.. Fortate 50b Manual Download This File. Get free access to Fortate 50b Manual PDF at our Ebook Library PDF File Fortate 50b Manual - PDF-F5M-5WWOM-3 2/4

Fortate-50A QuickStart Guide - USER MANUAL Fortate-50A QuickStart Guide. To access the Fortate web-based manager, start Internet Explorer and browse to https// remember to

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