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MINISPOT 455kHz MODULATED OSCILLATOR For IF Prices plus carriage and VAT 22/07/2009 Copyrht 2008, Wimborne Publishing (Sequoia House, 398a Ringwood Road, Ferndown, Dorset BH22 9AU, UK) and Tech Bites Interactive Inc., (PO Box 857, Madison, Alabama 35758, USA) All rhts reserved. The materials and works contained within EPE Online — which are made available by Wimborne Publishing and Tech Bites Interactive Inc — are copyrhted. Includes 49 page step-by-step PDF Tutorial Manual, Programming Hardware with LED test. Order Code HPS10 - £189.95 £169.95 See website for more super deals. The UK's number 1 source of VELLEMAN® products. musical instruments like the Theremin change note with human proximity.

Advice on diagnostic equipment -

Advice on diagnostic equipment - You are permitted to make a backup copy of the downloaded file and one (1) hard copy of such materials and works for your personal use. The Velleman HPS10 scope costs about £80.00 at the date of writing. It also has manual settings & storage for when you have read the instructions. placing the earth connection nearer the probe than the test instrument.

<i>Velleman</i>, Inc. - Products - Details - HPS40

Velleman, Inc. - Products - Details - HPS40 Ports POA HP VXI Main Frames (75000 Series; E1401A/B; E8401A) £400 HP33311 Co-Axial Switch 18GHZ £75 HUNTING HIVOLT DCM30/4A 0-30 KV £35 LEADER LAG120B Sine/Sq Audio Gen 10HZ-1MHZ £50 LEADER LDC9043 Dital Counter 100MHZ £75 MARCONI TF2331 Distortion Meter £35 MARCONI 2370 Spectrum Analyser 30HZ-110MHZ £395 MARCONI 2430A Freq Meter 10HZ-80MHZ £50 METRIX GX500 Pulse Generator Programmable £125 NATIONAL PANASONIC VP7705A Distortion Meter £95 PANASONIC VP8401B TV S Gen NTSC/PAL/ MONTSC £75 RACAL 1991 Counter/Timer 160MHZ 9 Dit £125 RACAL 9008 Modulation Meter £50 RACAL 9009 Modulation Meter £40 RACAL 9904 Counter Timer 50MHZ £40 RACAL 9916 Counter 10HZ – 520MHZ £55 RACAL 9300B True RMS Millivoltmeter 5HZ-20MHZ usable to 60MHZ 100u V-316V £40 RACAL 6103/E/G Dital Radio Test Set Various Options from £500 ROBIN OM33 Dital Thermometer – No Probe. Velleman, Inc. is an important wholesaler and developer of electronic products with. VELLEMAN KITS & OSCILLOSCOPES INSTRUMENTS PERSONAL SCOPE. HPS40 unit; user manual; flexible carry protection holster; insulated safety.

Full text of

Full text of "Everyday Practical Electronics 2010 09" Unused £15 ROBIN OM65 Dital L/C Meter Handheld, Unused £25 SEWARD NOVA Pat Tester £175 SHIBASOKU VS12CX Video Sweep Gen NTSC/PAL £125 SOLATRON 7045 4½ Dit Bench Multimeter £30 SOLATRON 7150 PLUS 6½ Dit Multimeter True RMS IEEE etc £65 SOLATRON 7075 7½ Dit Multimeter, no input connector, AC/DS Volts Ohms £95 THANDAR TG101 Function Gen 200KHZ £25 THURLBY TG210 Function Gen 0.002HZ2MHZ TTL (Kenwood Badged) £60 TIME 9811 Programmable Resistance Potential Divider 10hm-1.5 Mohm 6 Dit LC Display IEEE £75 WAVETEK 178 Programmable Waveform Synthesiser 1u HZ-50MHZ £195 Used Equipment – GUARANTEED Most Manuals Supplied Please check availability before ordering or ing. Velleman Kits CbtiidL. Includes 49 page step-by-step PDF Tutorial Manual, Program- ming Hardware with LED test section. Order Code HPS10 - £180^169.95 See website for more super deals! m iiiiiiiiiii. receiver module, plus a 'fiver' if you decide to house it in an ABS instrument box.

USB hardware - Idea2IC

USB hardware - Idea2IC Unformatted text preview: MINISPOT 455k Hz MODULATED OSCILLATOR For IF alnment of AM and shortwave radios GUITAR TO MIDI SYSTEM A monophonic system that works with any guitar PROGRAMMABLE NITION SYSTEM FOR CARS PART 2 Six versions to build to suit your car’s trger input RECYCLE IT Improving the sound of salvaged loudspeaker systems .75 US .25 CAN OCT 2009 PRINTED IN THE UK OCTOBER2009 Cover 1 26/08/2009 stewarts full page: Mobile Europe cover HP53131A UNIVERSAL COUNTER WITH OPT 001 (oven) Unused Boxed 3GHZ £850 Unused Boxed 225MHZ £595 Used 225MHZ £495 HP33120A FUNCTION GENERATOR 100 Micro HZ – 15MHZ Unused Boxed £595 AGILENT E4402B Spectrum Analyser 100HZ – 3GHZ with Option 1DN Tracking Gen; 1 DR Narrow Res; A4H GPIB, UKB HP 8591E Spectrum Analyser 9KHZ – 1.8GHZ with Tracking Gen No Moudlings, No Handle HP 35670A FFT Dynamic Snal Analyser 2 Channel. The Velleman PersonalScope is not a graphical multimeter but a complete portable oscilloscope at the. HPS10 $ 205.00 Canadian Dollars. user manual. This laboratory grade test instrument is useful for a wide range.

<strong>Velleman</strong> Hand-held 1MHz Function Generator Jaycar

Velleman Hand-held 1MHz Function Generator Jaycar Unused in orinal box AGLIENT 83752B Synthesised Sweeper 0.01-20GHZ HP83731B Synthesised 1-20GHZ with Opts IEI Attenuator, IE5 Hh Performance Mod Gen, IE5 Hh Stab TB HP83711B Synthesised 1-20GHZ with Opt IEI Attenuator AGILENT/HP E4431B Snal Generator 250KHZ-2GHZ Dital Modulation AGILENT 6632B Power Supply 0-20V 0-5A Dital IEEE HP8116A Pulse/Function Gen 50 MHZ MARCONI 2024 Snal Generator 9KHZ-2.4GHZ Opt 04/11 HPIB £5800 £1500 £1250 £2500 £7000 £4500 £5000 £2750 £195 £575 £950 TEKTRONIX TDS OSCILLOSCOPES Supplied with Operating Instructions & Mains Leads 544A 4 Ch 500MHZ 1 GS/S Colour £1050 540A 4 Ch 500MHZ 1 GS/S £950 540 4 Ch 500MHZ 1 GS/S £750 524A 2 2 Ch 500MHZ 500 MS/S Colour £750 520A 2 2 Ch 500MHZ 500 MS/S £650 STEWART of READING 17A King Street, Mortimer, Near Reading RG7 3RS Telephone: (0118) 933 1111 Fax: (0118) 933 2375 9am – 5pm Monday - Friday STEWART - SEPT 09 FULL 1 17/7/09 Page 39 520 2 2 Ch 500MHZ 500 MS/S 460 4 Ch 350MHZ 100 MS/S 430A 2 Ch 400MHZ 100 MS/S 380 2 Ch 400MHZ 2 GS/S 350 2 Ch 200MHZ 1 GS/S 340A 2 Ch 100MHZ 500 MS/S 320 2 Ch 100MHZ 500 MS/S 310 2 Ch 50 MHZ 200 MS/S 1012 2 Ch 100MHZ 1 GS/S £550 £495 £495 £650 £500 £395 £325 £250 £425 OSCILLOSCOPES TEKTRONIX 465/465B Dual Trace 100MHZ Delay Sweep £75/£95 TEKTRONIX 2235 Dual Trace 100MHZ Dual TB £150 TEKTONIX 2445A 4 Ch 150MHZ Delay Sweep Cursors £225 HP 54501A Ditising 2 2 Ch 100MHZ 10 MS/S £150 HP 54600B Dual Trace 100MHZ 20MS/S £225 PHILIPS PM3055 2 1 Ch 60MHZ Dual TB/Delay Autoset £95 PHILIPS PM3065 2 1 Ch 100MHZ Dual TB/Delay Autoset £125 FARNELL DTV60 Dual Trace 100MHZ £75 FARNELL DTV12-14 Dual Trace 12MHZ £40 HITACHI V212 Dual Trace 20MHZ £50 GOULD OS300 Dual Trace 20MHZ £60 LEADER LBO523 Dual Trace 40MHZ £65 wer Supplies POWER SUPPLIES FARNELL B30-10 30V 10A Variable No Meters FARNELL B30-20 30V 20A Variable No Meters FARNELL L30-1 0-30V 0-1A FARNELL L30-2 0-30V 0-2A FARNELL L30-5 0-30V 0-5A 2 Meters FARNELL LT30-1 0-30V 0-1A Twice FARNELL TSV70 MK2 0-70V 0-5A or 0-35V 0-10A FARNELL XA35.2T 0-35V 0-2A Twice Dital TAKASAGO TMO35-2 0.35V 0-2A 2 Meters THURLBY PL330 0-32V 0-3A Dital (Kenwood Badged) THURLBY PL320 0-30V 0-2A Dital THURLBY TS3021S 0-30V 0-2A LCD £45 £75 £30 £40 £50 £50 £60 £75 £30 £60 £45 £55 MISCELLANEOUS AVO DA116 3½ Dit with Batteries & Leads £20 AVO BA8 MK2 Meggar 1000V in Case £25 ADRET 104A Programmable DC Voltage Current Reference Standard IEEE & BCD £75 BEAMIX 303 Temperature Calibrator £150 BECKMAN HD110 3½ Dit Handheld in Carrying Case £25 BLACKSTAR Orion Colour Bar Generator £50 CIRRUS CRL254 Sound Level Meter with Calibrator £65 COSSOR Isolating Transformer Input 250V CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE, 1,000’s of items currently in stock Extra Special Oscilloscope offer still on Output 500VA Unused £25 FARNELL LF1 Sine/Sq Oscillator 10HZ-1MHZ £40 FARNELL J3B Sine/Sq Oscillator 10HZ-100KHZ Low Distortion £65 FLUKE 4250A Programmable Power Source 1A £125 FLUKE 5200A AC Calibrator £350 HP3312A Func Gen 0.1HZ-13MHZ AM/FM Sweep/Tri etc £125 HP3336C Synthesised Level Gen 10HZ-21MHZ £195 HP3400A True RMS Voltmeter 10HZ-10MHZ, 1m V-300V £50 HP3488A HP8922S with 83220E GSM MS Test set with DSC/PSC Test Set with Aux. The Velleman HPG1 pocket snal generator will produce acc. 10MHz Velleman Rechargeable Hand-held Pocket Scope. Case to suit Velleman HPS10.

MHz/4000 Count Hand-held Scope DMM Jaycar

MHz/4000 Count Hand-held Scope DMM Jaycar International copyrht laws, however, prohibit any further copying or reproduction of such materials and works, or any republication of any kind. MHz Velleman Rechargeable Hand-held Pocket Scope. CAT. Velleman Hand-held 1MHz Function Generator. CAT. Case to suit Velleman HPS10. CAT.

Oscilloscope - OpenCircuits

Oscilloscope - OpenCircuits The sound card device is hard-coded but instructions for modifying it are on the. "Multi-Instrument" converts a PC into multiple test & measurement. 32; 0 ? VELLEMAN HPS10 Hand Held Oscilloscope 10MHz.

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