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Is the Manual of Bodily Health retroactive? Baldur's Gate. In the game, tomes are books that increase a specified attribute when read. Is the Manual of Bodily Health retroactive? Basiy, does it matter what level I use the manual at? Or.

Manual of bodily health baldur gate 2 Lori After they are used, however, they disappear due to the magics imbued within them. I greatly enjoyed my playthrough of Baldur s Gate, and found that the mods. that can drain your levels lower-level vampires can drain 1 or 2 levels on a hit.

Manual of Bodily Health — Beamdog Forums I'm quite sure that's how it worked in the old BG, but if you use the Manual of Bodily Health in the above example, in BGEE you get nothing ...? A level 8 fhter with constitution 19 and 95 hitpoints uses the Manual of Bodily Health to reach 20 in constitution.

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Mike's RPG Center - Baldur's Gate - Manuals and Tomes All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. List of manuals and tomes for Baldur's Gate. Games; Manuals; Contact; Manuals and Tomes. Name Effect Found Manual of Gainful. Manual of Bodily Health +1.

Bg2 sur Amazon - Commandez Bg2 sur Amazon. There are six different types of tomes, which weh 25 pounds each.

Manual of bodily health bg2:

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