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Victorian Railways S class diesel - pedia

Victorian Railways S class diesel - pedia ) Manufactured 1955, skid mounted, double pole, triple drum, Semco 3 sheave block, 250 Cummins engine, raising winch (needs radiator and needs to be converted to electric start), tools: jack ring, wrenches, drill stem, jars, etc. Preserved, S303, S308, S310, S313. Current owner, CFCL Australia · Pacific National RailPower. Southern Shorthaul Railroad. Disposition, 6 in service, 4 preserved, 2 stored, 6 scrapped. The S class are a class of diesel locomotives built by Clyde Engineering, Granville for the. are regularly repurposed as parts donors or for merging into fictional engines.

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Hitachi Projector Lamps & Bulbs - Price: ,000) rated 5500’ and has drilled to 6300’, 1500’ of drill line, 3000’ of sandline, 400’ casing line, Mc Kissick blocks, can string with 6 lines (has 4 lines now), skid mounted, double pole, triple drum, 145 Waukesha engine (brand new only drilled 4-5 wells), completely rebuilt 1981, air clutches, (2) catheads, R with doghouse, floor and 5” to 20” tools Price: ,000 trailer mounted, pulled by 6 x 6 Army truck with tires chains, HD winch, double pole, 2500’ of new 7/8 drill line, all tools, stems, jars, bits, etc., casing tools 4”, 5”, 7”, 8” and 10”, Waukesha gas/natural gas, working r, good condition OFF MARKET) Manufactured 1987, 4 cyl Hercules deck engine, mounted on International Loadstar, 315 International truck engine, 3 line machine, 900’ main line, 1200’ sandlne, 200’ utility, (5) 16” drill bits, jars, drill subs, bailers, etc Price: ,000 next heavier than 22W, new jack shaft, drill gear, clutches with ball throw out bearings, 4 hydraulic jacks, wehted walking beam platform for driller, 52’ derrick with 22 Walker-Neer shocks, 2 part casing line, elevator, 4 cyl Ford D172 r engine with 4 sp transmission, new 7V power belt, mounted on 1970 6x6 multi-fuel truck, new 30’ 5” tools with button bit and mixing bar, 20’ 4” bailer (dart) Similar to 22W, mechaniy perfect, main gear has always been covered, shows little to no wear, main shaft, twin disc clutches, roller main bearing, ball throw out bearings, 52’ derrick with 20 new 20W shocks, pulleys all anti-friction, derrick tips up by hydraulic, elevator to about 25’, 162 in Continental with 4 sp transmission, new 5 v 1 piece power belt, main b pulley has added weht for fly wheel drilling effect, walking beam wehted, mounted on 1983 AM Generator Army truck truck with Cat diesel engine, Allison transmission, 6000 miles on truck, new carb, dist, and valve job, new tires, 10 sp Road Ranger transmission, air brakes, power steering, new tools 30’ overall with button bit and mixing bar, 20’ dart dialer (4” wells), driller’s platform Price: ,500 - Michan) Manufactured 1964, mounted on 1975 Ford F600 truck with 330 gas engine (30,000 miles), mainline, sandline, approx 400’ cable, bailer, third line, Continental 4 cylinder on deck, drill stem 16’, bailer, new battery on deck motor Price: ,500 Manufactured 1965, mounted on 1972 International 4 wheel drive, 3 line machine, 2 drill stems, 3 rope sockets, (2) 6” bits, (1) 8” bit, jars, fishing tools, 500’ of drill cable Price: ,500 - Pennsylvania 3 line machine, Waukesha 4 cyl diesel deck engine, 40’ mast, mounted on 1976 GMC 3 ton truck with gas engine, 2 rear manual leveling jacks, lots of tools, sitting but running when parked Price on Request – Canada Ford 196 cu in gas engine on deck (excellent), mounted on GMC tandem axle truck with GMC gas engine, 5 hydraulic leveling jacks, boom lifts and extends hydrauliy, 3 line machine, 2 line operates mechaniy, 3 Mounted on 1976 Ford F350 truck, 5 speed / 2 speed rear, 172 Ford Industrial diesel engine on deck, 8,000# winch, gas engine truck, hydraulic lift for r mast, hydraulic lift for front of truck, 8” and 6” bits, all tooling incouded Price: ,500) Red Seal gas deck engine, mounted on 1970’s Ford 2 ½ ton cabover with V8 gas engine, 5 speed trans, 2 line machine, good gears & bearings, tool wrenches, string of 4” tools, “like new” condition, bailer, 1 front & 2 rear mechanical jacks, sitting a long time Price: ,500 - Florida) Manufactured 1950’s, mounted on Fod F800 truck, 4 cyl Continental gas deck engine, 3 line machine, 4-1/2” stem, 6” and 8” bits, 500’ fairly new drill cable, 500’ sandline, good running condition Price: ,000 - Pennsylvania) 2 line machine, 4 cylinder Continental gas deck engine, mounted on ’59 Chevy single axle truck with gas engine, 2 rear mechanical jacks, tooled up for 6”, Sitting a few years but running when parked Price: ,500 - North Carolina mounted on 1978 International truck single axle truck with 549 gas engine, 4 cyl Continental gas deck engine, various size hole openers, extra drill bars, all hand tools, no fishing tools, bailers, bits, casing driver, breakout wrench, good condition, currently drilling, 350’ depth capacity Price: ,500 – Pennsylvania) Manufactured 1946, 2 line machine, gas deck engine, 32’ mast, mounted on 1973 International with 345 gas engine, power swivel, 2 rear screw jacks, 3” & 4” tools, sitting a long time Price: ,500 – Michan) Manufactured 1958, mounted on 1972 Ford F500 truck (less than 10,000 miles) with 4 cyl International gas engine with oil bath filter, 4 cyl International gas deck engine (recently rebuilt), 500’ 5/8” drill line, 500’ sand line, 100’ casing line, (2) 16’ bailers, (2) stems, subs, jars, (4) 6” carbide bits, 4 guy lines, 4 ground stakes, cable cutter, other tools and accessories to drill a 6” diameter well. The Hitachi projector lamp is one of the best-selling replacement lamps for Hitachi projectors. It features ORINAL parts and is intended as a replacement for.

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Popular Hitachi Bulb-Buy Cheap Hitachi Bulb lots Ready to drill Price: ,500 - Wisconsin 48’ derrick with 18 new 20W Bucyrus shocks, elevator to about 20’, 163 Continental r engine (rebuilt) 4 speed transmission, 5V power belt (new), 28’ overall 4” tool with mixing bar and button bit, rebuilt jack shaft with new bearings, clutches and spudding gear, wehted double pitman walking beam, new shaft and bushing in spudder pulley, 3 hydraulic jacks, single or double line, casing line or extra after market hydraulic winch, mounted on 1963 single axle International V8 gas 4-wheel drive, less than 27000 miles, 4 sp trans., 2 sp rear end, new X20 steel belted tires, power brakes Price: $ 3 line machine, Continental Red Seal deck engine, mounted on 1995 International with diesel engine, 5/8” drill line, 2 rear screw jacks, tooled up for 6” & 8”, bailer, wrenches, etc Price on request - Canada) 3 line machine, Continental Red Seal gas deck engine, mounted on 1972 Ford 600 with gas engine, very low miles, 2 rear mechanical leveling jacks, tooled up for 6”, currently drilling, ready to go Price: ,500 Mounted on 1974 International truck, new Continental gas deck engine (very low hours), mounted on 1974 International truck with gas engine, cathead, casing reel, new jackshaft and bearings, welder, screw jacks, fully tooled, j wrenches, ailers, bits, subs, etc., ready to drill Price: ,500 - Wisconsin can be added), 4 cyl Continental gas deck engine, mounted on 1973 Chevy C35 with 350 gas engine, low mileage, 1 front & 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, tooled up for 4” holes, ready to go Price: ,500 – Michan) Manufactured 1958, 3 lines, Waukesha 6 cyl propane, mounted on trailer, 4000’ of of brand new 5/8” drill line, 2800’ of’ 7/16” sandline, ¾” block line, good gearing, good brake bands, new sheaves, new spudding beam, braces included, 4 new tires, newer axle, 46’ mast, no tools, currently drilling ) Manufactured 1964, Iveco diesel deck engine, mounted on 2002 Sterling truck with Cat 3406 diesel engine, 3 line machine, casing strut, 2500’ of brand new ¾” drill line, 2500’ of brand new ½” sandline, excellent condition, currently drilling, no tools available Gear driven tubing winch 5/8"line 2 line or 3 line Engine 6 cyl. Replacement Projector Bare Lamp DT00751 Bulb For HITACHI CP-S240 S245. bulb for HITACHI projector CP-S310/S310W/X320/X320W/X325W Projector.

<strong>HITACHI</strong> TV Repair Service in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens,

HITACHI TV Repair Service in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Hercules (gasoline ) ( propane ) or (natural gas ) extra carburetor regulator R gears drilling line hh & low sand reel 1 speed tubin winch 1 speed All gears have reverse late 1950’s model, 6000’ drilling capacity, 7000’ service capacity, Cummins diesel deck engine, mounted on tandem axle trailer, tripod super heavy duty derrick, 300,000# casing load, some tools, stacked, needs some work and to be cleaned and painted Price: Completely rebuilt, main shaft rebuilt, new bearings, new drive belt, new sheaves, trailer mounted, 145 Waukesha natural gas engine, 50’ mast, 3 line machine, no leveling jacks, r stored inside 5 years after rebuild, no tooling. Thanks to our suppliers we are able to find any orinal parts for HITACHI televisions. We have access to a complete library of service manuals for any model.

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Discount replacement Hitachi tv remote controls Extra Detroit diesel motor included Off Market Ohio Cummins diesel engine, 320 meters (1050’) drill line, 350 meters (1148’) sand line, 54’ mast, 1 stem 6” dia., rope socket, drill jar, 8’, 12” and 15” bits, tool wrenches, circle jack, casing line Price: ,000 – Costa Rica) Manufactured late 1960’s, Waukesha diesel deck engine, hh/low gear, mounted on Mack 800 tandem axle truck with diesel engine, 3 line machine, 55’ mast, 3 sheave block, 400 ’ of ¾” casing line, 4000’ of ¾” drill line, 4500’ of 7/16” sandline, 1 front & 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, tools available 4” up to 10”, currently drilling, ready for work Price: ,500 - Kentucky) 6 cylinder Ford Industrial gas engine, mounted on 1971 Interantional 4 wheel drive Frehtliner tandem axle truck with Cat diesel engine, 3 line machine, no hydraulic jacks, 4,000’ sandline, 4,000’ drill line, no tools, good running condition Price: ,500 Cat 4 cylinder diesel deck engine, mounted on 1970’s Ford with 351 gas engine, 6 line machine, 2000’ of new 7/8” drill line, 2000’ of new 9/16” bailer line, 1 front & 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, no tools available ) 3 lines, International diesel engine on deck, mounted on International truck with gas engine, 400 amp Lincoln welder on deck with Detroit engine, hydraulic outrgers, pin jacks, 3 string of tools, lots of tools included, bits, jars, rope socket, fishing tools, recently sandblasted, truck runs Price: ,500 - Montana) 4 cylinder Perkins diesel deck engine, mounted on late 1960’s International tandem axle with Red Diamond gas engine, new winch line, 1800’ of new ¾” drill line, 1800’ of new ½” sandline, 1 front & 2 rear screw jacks, tooled up for 4”, new hydraulics, new clutches, tubing power tongs, all gears good condition, currently drilling Price: ,000 - Ohio 1 piece 42’ tubular constructed hydraulic derrick and leveling jacks, mounted on truck that needs to be replaced. New Remotes Inc. offers discount replacement Hitachi TV remote controls, orinal. TV Model Number, Number on the Remote Control. CP-S310, 01441.

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