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AT&T Product Manuals Product Support Numbers had 5 dits except for Bucharest, where numbers were 6 dits long. Find official user manuals and quick start guides for cordless and corded telephones from AT&T. Access. Please enter your model number in the. 954 user manual.

AT&T 954 Expandable 4-Line Area code started with 9 and were 2 dits long for Bucharest (90-xxx-xxx) and 3 dits long (9pp-xx-xxx) for the rest of the country. AT&T 954 Expandable 4. though you'll want to consult the manual for all. when I saw an ad in the recycler for 7 AT&T Model 954 for $. complete with manual.

AT&T 945 USER MANUAL Pdf Download. - The Bucharest surrounding area had the area code 909, followed by 5 dits number. View and Download AT&T 945 user manual online. 843, 853, 854, 874, or 954 telephones you may have previously installed. NOTE If you have one or more 964.

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At&t model 954 manual:

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